Channel 124063-Bip_ih

General data

Metadata classes

  • Animal Model: vertebrate
  • Brain Area: retina
  • Neuron Region: single compartment
  • Neuron Type: bipolar cell
  • Runtime Q: Q3
  • Subtype: h

Metadata generic

  • Authors: R Publio
  • Comments: Ih current from barnes and hille (1989), by r publio 2006. Model taken from usui et al (1996). Used here for rod and cone bipolar cells. Model taken from usui et al (1996). No apparent modeldb ancestors. Modeling study, based on several previous studies. Animal model is considered generic vertebrate as stated in paper, though much of the previous data comes from tiger salamander. This channel kinetics apparently comes from previous studies on lower vertebrates such as goldfish, white bass, tiger salamander and dogfish (usui et al. 1996), but the mod file states that kinetics are from tiger salamander (fohlmeister et al. 1990).
  • Runtime: 14.223
  • Temperature: No temperature dependence.

Current Response Traces

Action Potential