Development of ICGenealogy

Our resource is continuously maintained and improved with funding by the BBSRC (BB/N019512/1).
Should you encounter any problems, please file a ticket or notify us by email.

For reference, a mirror of the version of ICGenealogy at the time of our first publication is always running.

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Please see our ICGenealogy Github Organization, where we publish code related to the ICGenealogy project:

Version history

Only major versions announced here.

  • 0.3.5 @ 13.12.2016: Publication release
  • 0.3.3 @ 10.5.2016: Updates exposing channel models
    • /channels/all/ID provides general links to models, involving internal class lookup. This is used for links from ModelDB.
    • /channels/other exposes channel models that have not been quantitatively analyzed for ICG
  • 0.3.1 @ 6.5.2016: Major Update
    • Server: All communication is now encrypted over SSL
    • API: Improved caching
    • API: Updated structure of the API, including autogenerated documentation
    • Channel submission: enabled for Kv, Nav, Cav and IH classes.
    • Channel submission: improved logging for failed NEURON simulations. You now receive asyncronous messages on completion/failure of your channel simulations, including full error reports for debugging.
  • 0.3.0 @ May 2015: First public release

Content updates

Here we list major content updates for the ICGenelaogy database.

  • ModelDB 2018 channels @ 01.02.2019: Added 754 additional analyzed channel models to the database and the Github repository

    • 392 Kv models
    • 238 Nav models
    • 113 Cav models
    • 11 IH models
  • ModelDB 2015 channels @ 14.12.2016: Added 574 additional analyzed channel models to the database and the Github repository

    • 281 Kv models
    • 151 Nav models
    • 93 Cav models
    • 49 IH models

Development timeline

Upcoming development milestones for ICGenealogy:

  • 0.4.0 (early 2017)
    • General crossreferencing to external resources: currently the resource is hardcoded for ModelDB references. Links to ModelDB will be normalized into a general data reference structure, allowing several external resources to be linked to files.
    • Direct references to ModelDB files: Currently instead of entries (by file Hash comparison).
    • Display tracking of ICG changes to ModelDB .mod alongside the Channel information. States will include "original" and "modified".
  • 0.5.0 (mid 2017)
    • User contribution of channels entries: currently channels and experiments can be submitted and evaluated. Infrastructure for curating these into ICG channel entries exists, but needs to be extended for security and simplicity.