About ICGenealogy

Helping you find and compare ion channel models.

NEURON is a widely used simulation environment for spatially extended multi-compartmental neuron models with diverse populations of ion channels. We present an analysis of the over 2000 publicly available ion channel models using channel type and available reference information.

We quantify the similarity in kinetics between models using a series of standardized voltage clamp simulation protocols and subsequent cluster analysis. "Family relations," i.e. citation links and duplications of channels, as well as similarity of kinetics between channel models, are combined into genealogical trees and dendrograms, that are searchable through this web interface.

Additionally, we provide tools for uploading new channel models, as well as experimentally recorded current traces, to allow for immediate quantitative comparison with all models currently in the database.

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ICGenealogy is supported by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC; grant number BB/N019512/1).